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The IH Foundation Course in Teaching Business English

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Entry requirements:

1. CELTA or a pedagogical degree

2. CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) or higher level of English

Who is it for?

The IHFTBE has been devised for teachers who have completed a certificate in ELT (e.g. CELTA) or who have a degree from a Pedagogical University and who now want to go on and teach Business English. Some experience of teaching General English will be useful but is not a pre-requisite of the course. Prior experience in teaching Business English is not a pre-requisite.

Course Outline

The course is divided into:

  • Pre-course assignments

  • An introduction — Module 1 (2hrs)

  • Seven modules of 4hrs each (to be divided into 14 sessions of 2hrs to be held over 7 weeks)

  • A closing session — Module 9 (2hrs)

  • A presentation of the written assignment

  • A post-course assignment

The course will be held on a part-time basis with two sessions a week, each lasting 2 ? hours, over 8 weeks and a Saturday afternoon when the presentation of the written assignment will be given.


During the course there will be two assignments.

  • The first consists of giving a presentation of a newspaper article

  • The second involves working with a group to evaluate and research an area of Business English (e.g. meetings / giving presentations etc) and creating a written assignment. Your evaluation and research will then be presented to the rest of your group at the end of the course.

At the end of the course there will be one post-course assignment which will be sent to IH London for assessment. This assignment consists of videoing / taping you teaching a Business English lesson, together with a lesson plan and evaluation of the lesson and an evaluation of a Business English coursebook. Successful completion of this assignment will lead to the awarding of the IH Foundation Certificate in Teaching English for Business.

Contents of the Course

Each module will contain sessions dealing with:

  • Business topic knowledge

  • Business communication skills

  • Relevant classroom methodology and materials

Module 1: General vs. Business English

Module 2: a. General vs. Business English 2 — clients, roles, language methodology
b. Client Needs and Course programming 1l

Module 3:a. Business English Textbooks — what kind of content and methodology
b. Authentic Materials — choosing and using

Module 4:a. Business Skills — Meetings: (i) Discussion (ii) Chairing
b. Methodology: Lexical Views of Language and Focusing on Language

Module 5:a. Planning a BE lesson; Business Skills — Social English and Telephoning
b. Methodology — Using Frameworks and Client Resourcing Materials

Module 6:a. Business Skills — Presentations
b. Business Topics — Management and Marketing

Module 7:a. Business Skills — Negotiating
b. Business Correspondence; Business Topic — Finance

Module 8:a. Course Programming 2; Methodology — Teaching one-to-one
b. Working In-company; Pre-experience Learners

Module 9: Consolidation Tasks from Module 8; Business Topic — Trade


Application procedure: if you are interested in taking this course, please contact out Teacher Training Centre at and we will send you an application form and arrange an interview with one of our trainers.