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BKC-IH Moscow is looking for candidates for an ADOS position for the academic year Sept 2021-May 2022!

There are the following positions available:

  • ADOS (Assistant Director of Studies) for satellite schools in Moscow

- supervising 3 schools in Moscow and participating in building up teachers' PD;

  • ADOS (Assistant Director of Studies) for satellite schools and one remote location (Zelenograd)

- supervising 3 schools in Moscow and one remote location school (Zelenograd);

  • ADOS (Assistant Director of Studies) for Exams (Cambridge/ integrated courses/ OGE/EGE)

- liaising with the department of Cambridge Exams and being involved in their projects;

- getting involved in creating an OGE/EGE Russian state Exam for English course;

- supervising integrated courses results, collecting data and keeping track of the tendencies in the studying process; 



Start Date:

August 23rd, 2021


to be discussed upon the results of the interview

Essential Role Requirements

A successful candidate should have solid teaching skills, good organizational skills, excellent people skills and the following qualifications:

- Experience in management (please clarify in the cover letter) or an ADOS experience;
- Qualification in ESL (CELTA, DELTA, Trinity TESOL, SIT Tesol, TESL Canada, ACELS CELT, IHC);
- 2 years' post-qualification experience

ADOS Job Description:

- the ability to work in a team;

- positive but yet professional attitude at a workplace;

- focusing on student retention, helping students with problems in education;

- evaluate, review and revise existing programs and create new ones;

- observing teachers and giving feedback;

- working on teachers' retention;

- orientating new teachers on the school procedures and supervising during their trial period;

- giving seminars and workshops as part of the International House program;

- taking part in placing students to groups/levels;

- helping school managers with troubleshooting;

- conducting Open Doors, presentations and initiating other extra-curricular activities;

- working with students' queries and complaints; monitoring groups’ end of level dates, tests results and group finishing dates;

- taking part in marketing events and initiatives;

Other benefits: 

  • Flight refund

  • Free separate accommodation

  • Full visa support for citizens of all countries

  • Paid holidays, end-of-contract bonus

About the school and the city:

BKC-IH is the biggest school chain in Moscow. There are central schools within 10 min from the Kremlin as well as there are affiliate branches in cozy suburbs near parks and lakes. We have the most convenient metro net and public transport system in the world.

Moscow is a city of contrasts - ancient history and tradition comes in contrast with engaging nightlife and entertainment.  There is something in store for everyone.

The school continues to translate the values once established in International House - language helps to unite people, to bring joy and to expand the horizons. High standards and professionalism at workplace come along with a huge amount  of humanity and support from our colleagues - whether they are administrators or directors.

BKC-IH helps a charity organization "Sheredar" - the rehabilitation center for children who have fought cancer. The center was established by BKC-IH CEO Michael Afanasievich Bondarev. He is often present in the office, do not miss a chance to say "hello".

Please send your applications to


BKC-IH Moscow is hiring Teachers of English and Teachers of French!


Full-time and part-time positions available throughout the year.

Positions available in Moscow and Moscow region.

Interested? Please email your CV and CELTA/TESOL (English) / FLE (French)  certificate copy to

We offer:
  • Work visa. Our teaching staff are from all over the world, and we can offer full visa support for citizens from most countries;
  • Monthly net payment (up to RUB 50.000 for a 30-academic hour contract and RUB 40.000 for a 24-academic hour contract; hourly rates vary between RUR 475 and RUB 870, depending on qualifications and previous experience;
  • Airfare reimbursement;
  • End of contract accumulating bonus — up to RUB 30.000;
  • We also arrange free shared accommodation in one of our flats for all teachers who require it;
  • Paid holidays;
  • Discount for Russian classes;
  • Health care;
  • Unlimited public transport pass.
Advantages of working with us:
  • Academic support

Our DOSes and ADOSes also provide personalised support with lesson planning and teacher development throughout the year.

  • Wide range of teaching experiences

We have a wide range of classes ranging from YL to in-company and business, from complete beginners to exam preparation classes.

  • Being a part of IH family
Once you are a member of IH World Organization you'll have the opportunity to expand your horizons even further through our network of international partner schools.




  • BA/MA degree

BKC-IH Moscow is hiring Teachers of GMAT/GRE!

We are looking for GRE and GMAT teachers who know the tests well, can give effective explanations and train students to apply the most effective strategies.


- Teaching experience
- Strong verbal and math skills
- Knowledge of test prep methods, techniques and strategies

- Having taken GMAT/GRE is a plus


If you are interested in a position, click here.


  • Teachers of Japanese, Chinese, Italian French and German

We invite enthusiastic teachers of Japanese, Chinese, Italian French and German languages, who would like to join our team and get all the advantages of working in a big, creative and multi-national company.

If you are interested in a position, click here.

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Please attach your TESOL certificate:
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Normally it takes 24 hours for a member of recruitment team to answer your e-mail and in case you haven’t heard back from us in a day after your message had been sent, please try to contact us from your alternative e-mail account, or give us a call +7 (495) 737-52-25.


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