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International Exams

Exams at BKC                                      

 BKC IH does not simply teach exams – we are also an Authorised Cambridge ESOL Centre. At BKC it’s possible to take all the Cambridge Exams, and of course, IELTS - BKC IELTS Centre has been an Authorised Exam Centre since 2005, running IELTS exams both in Moscow and in Central Russia.

At BKC, we prepare students for all Cambridge exams, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT and GRE.


Cambridge Exams

We offer a full range of Cambridge ESOL exams including:

  • Young Learners (Starters, Movers, Flyers)

  • General English Exam (KET, PET, FCE, CAE , CPE)

  • Exams for Schools (KET for schools, PET for schools, FCE for Schools)

  • Business English Certificates (BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage, BEC Higher)

  • Professional English (ILEC, ICFE).

Cambridge Exam classes are taught in almost all BKC schools, both Central and satellite, so if you are thinking of taking an exam class, these might be the most obvious choice. Strong ADoS support, availability of excellent resources and the fact that such an Exam class can be part of your block makes teaching exams logistically as hassle-free as a general English class.


These exams are taught at BKC MBA Centre and are always in demand.

Why teach exams?

It makes you think – exam tasks require a good understanding of how language (and the text) works, and this can be fascinating

It’s result-oriented and rewarding – you’ll be working with highly motivated students, and will soon see results

It’s a challenge – how to help students develop the skills and strategies they need to beat the exam? How to make sure all the exam tasks are practiced but the class is still fun and engaging?

There is consistent ADoS support and extensive training: seminars and workshops from our Teacher Training centre

It is possible to become an examiner

Being a Cambridge ESOL or an IELTS examiner is extremely interesting and gives you new insight into teaching exams – what’s more, having become an examiner you will be able to continue testing in any country where there is an Authorised Exam Centre.

BKC IH – the choice for life

by Marina Sildimirova

Marina Sildimirova

It's definitely up to you to decide whether your work in this company has to be a long or a short-term ambition, but I definitely recommend you to give it a go.

2006 – I'm a full time CELTA trainee at BKC teacher training department, acquiring new skills and knowledge; the course is over and I'm offered a full time teaching position here, thus getting a chance to become a part of this friendly team of professionals.

2008 – I'm already an IELTS exam expert, joining BKC IH in the hope of career and professional growth. I got both: in the year 2008 I received my first Cambridge examiner title together with an IELTS expert trainer title in 2009; simultaneously I was offered an ADOS position in our MBA Centre department and happily enjoyed it until I decided to proceed with my higher education and got a master degree in teaching.

2015 – I'm still with the company and got 2 more Cambridge examiner titles.

BKC IH is the whole world of opportunities and their fulfilment. You have to work hard to get what you want, but you will always be heard and supported.

This is my BKC life story; how about yours?

by Anna Arsenieva


I have been working at BKC-IH since 2006, when I did my CELTA course with them. In my 9 years with the company I’ve taught classes of all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced. After completing my DELTA course in 2009, I started working with exam classes and realized it’s the area of teaching I like best.

First of all, it’s immensely rewarding, as you see you can make a difference, helping students to achieve their goal. When you start, there are plenty of things to learn, but you get a lot of support from your ADoS and other more experienced teachers.

At the same time, there is room for creativity and freedom to make your own decisions, which is important for people like me, who like working independently. There is also a strong motivation to maintain your own level of English, as most of your students are upper-intermediate and above. The company offers plenty of opportunities for professional development, especially in examiner training. I have become an exam specialist for a number of Cambridge exams, and find examining as interesting as teaching.

And last but not least, teaching exam classes is fun, as you work with intelligent, educated, highly motivated people. 


by Daria Bubnova

Are you looking for a place where you can learn how to be a more knowledgeable and skilled teacher? It's here at MBA BKC IH you can become it! It is here at this school teaching a range of exams from FCE to GMAT you can get the feel of juggling not only with English as a language system but also with the skills that make your students better at everything they need for a cosmopolitan life - more effective listeners, readers, writers and speakers. Successful employees and A-students!

Naturally, teaching certificates and titles come along but only after the career rewards you can get - your students working abroad or mastering their skills as architects or physicists in the UK or Australia - you can fully appreciate them! I'm sure as a language teacher you would love to become a part of your every student's story. So, come and join us at MBA BKC IH to realize yourself as a teacher in a more global perspective!  

Daria (BA in teaching English, MA in linguistics, IHC, IHCFTB, IHCYL and now primarily an IELTS tutor)


Me & BKC

by Elizabeth Bearman

lizbearman.jpgWhen I first came to BKC, I had already been teaching English for around 20 years. With a degree in Applied Linguistics, a love of travelling and a strong interest in language learning, a career in ELT was inevitable. 5 years after I first walked into a classroom in Cairo with little idea of what to do next, but an ability to think on my feet, I didn't know where I was heading next, but I knew that I loved teaching English, so it was time to do CELTA.

A series of jobs in various small language schools followed. My one experience of working for a large organisation (in South Korea) was not a positive one.

Thus, in 2003, when I applied to BKC-IH (attracted by the location and the name of IH) I was somewhat sceptical of working once again for a large company. The fact that I am still here in 2015 speaks volumes. (especially as I only originally intended to stay for a year!)

So, why am I still here? Well, a love of Moscow helps, of course. BKC, though, is not the only language school here. I would say that it is because the company has all the advantages of a large school without the disadvantages. There is a great variety of different types of class, meaning that there is always a chance to develop different skills, or to choose an area to specialise in. You don't feel like a small cog in a large machine, though. The people running BKC know who you are, and treat you as a human being, not a teaching machine. They talk to you, and they listen to you. They themselves are endearingly human. I have faced a number of personal crises since coming here, and the support and understanding I have received has been terrific.

I have ended up (yes, much in my career has, well, sort of, happened, rather than being planned; I prefer it that way, and I have good reason to know that plans can easily be disrupted by unexpected events) specialising in two main areas: kids (preferably under 10) and exam preparation. The latter involves working a great deal at the MBA Centre, which is a real pleasure for me. I have plenty of respect and affection for my fellow teachers and for the admin staff there.

If all this sounds too good to be true, then I should add that we sometimes have our ups and downs, but then, who doesn't? The important factor is goodwill, and a desire to do the right thing for both our colleagues and our students.

As for the teaching itself, what is the attraction? Russian students are highly motivated, and very goal-oriented, which is very rewarding. This is especially true of exam classes. At the same time, they seem to enjoy their lessons ( and even my sense of humour!), and are usually interested in knowing more about the person teaching them, about their impressions of Russia, and about British culture. Rewarding and fun; who could ask for more?!