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You are a fluent English speaker or English is your mother tongue? You are interested in sharing your knowledge and help people master the language? You love traveling and want to explore Russia? BKC-IH Moscow is offering a unique opportunity to join BKC-International House Moscow as a teacher intern to make your dreams come true! It is a great chance to develop teaching skills at a reputable organisation renowned for its quality.

Join our TESOL Internship programme at BKC-IH Moscow (training + employment)

We offer:

  • Work visa. Our teaching staff are from all over the world, and we  can offer full visa support for citizens from most countries; 
  • Free shared accommodation in one of our flats for all interns;
  • Transfer from the airport; 


  • English Native speaker or C2 level of English;
  • MA/MS degree;
  • candidates are to be 21 years of age or more 

How to enter the programme:

  • send your request to You will be then sent an application form and the pre-interview task to fill in;
  • the application form is then sent to Recruitment dept for checking credentials;
  • the pre-interview task is marked by teacher trainers; 
  • the level of English is checked through a CELTA language test (if applicable);
  • the interview is conducted by teacher trainers;


  • 575 EURO/640 USD 


2 weeks of intensive training (every day except weekends) - 2nd – 13th September, 2019


10 weeks of part-time training (once a week) - 16^th September - 22nd November, 2019

  • Week 1 - intensive general methodology training + teaching TP, adult groups (2 lessons per candidate with assessment Pass/Fail) and peer observations;
  • Week 2 - intensive training for teaching YLs + observations of experienced YL and VYL teachers, peer teaching;
  • Weeks 3 - 13 - getting classes to teach while continuing doing the course as part-time training: 

                - training (input on general methodology, teaching YL/VYL, teaching exam integrated classes, lesson planning, feedback) – once a week;

                - working – 3-4 days a week, min 12 teaching hours, both YL and adult classes;

                - observations of experienced teachers and peers; 

                - observations on regular classes by teacher trainers and ADoSes (Assistant Director of Studies) with assessment (4 lessons);

               - extra informal or drop-in observations can be arranged as needed; 

               - probation period finishes at the end of the course;


Altogether participants receive 150 hours of training including:

  • Input on general methodology, YL/VYL and exam integrated teaching;
  • Formal observations of 6 lessons (adults and YL) accompanied by guided lesson preparation and feedback;
  • Experienced teacher observations; 
  • Individual tutorials; 

Further employment: 

  • full-time (30H, 9 month) teaching contract on the successful completion of the program;
  • 30000 RUB reimbursement on the successful completion of the teaching contract; 

Once you are a member of IH World Organization you'll have the opportunity to expand your horizons even further through our network of international partner schools.