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Camp programmes

'Sheredar’ center, the site of BKC's English Camp programmes for children, is situated 95km to the north-east of Moscow on the road to the Golden Ring city of Vladimir. Fall and Spring sessions are fold in BKC Country (near Sheredar center).

The children who come to camp are aged between 7 and 17 and are grouped according to their age and level of English. Teachers are responsible for teaching 3 groups, once a day for two academic hours (1hr 30min). Teachers are asked to spend a further 2 real hours of contact time outside the classroom with the children.

Outside the classroom the children are cared for by native Russian group leaders, mostly students aged 18-25 from Vladimir University. They are friendly and, despite some language barriers, can become good friends at camp, and beyond.

There aren't text books but there is a set programme based on the Camp theme which guides what teachers do in the class; teachers often work together to create unique materials for that session with ST and ADOS guidance.

We also encourage our teachers to use “project” lessons. These lessons give the children the chance to create a piece of work using all the skills they already know or have learnt at camp. Wall displays, recorded radio shows, photo concept story boards, board games, magazines, etc. are just some past favourites. These can be displayed on the  ‘Sheredar’ corridor walls, shown to parents (on parents’ day), and taken home at the end of the session.

Teachers return from camp having had a positive experience, full of ideas for their Moscow classes. The support system at camp is far stronger than you would find in any teachers room in Moscow, with ideas and discussions flying around freely. Of course, as with the kids, teachers come to camp to have fun too, and there’s plenty to be had at BKC Country; with the children or not…bike riding, tennis, basketball, volleyball, walking in the forests, etc.

Energy, imagination, an interest in trying out new ideas in the classroom, and a sense of humour are the essentials of a camp teacher, so if this sounds like you, get in touch with our recruitment department.

Also, check out the BKC Country website for more information: