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Teacher development

BKC-IH Moscow has a strong reputation for teacher training and professional development of its teachers. We maintain the quality of our teaching by means of extensive in-service support and well-balanced development program aimed at both newly-qualified and experiences teachers.


New teachers can expect to receive a high level of support and guidance from experienced senior staff. In addition to receiving daily teacher support from senior educational staff, teachers are assigned to one of the Assistant Directors of Studies (ADOSes) who acts as a mentor. The aim of the mentor system is to offer both pastoral and broad academic support.


The school offers monthly teacher development sessions from experienced staff. These seminars intend to give teachers practical ideas as well as encourage them to think more deeply and critically about their teaching. This is also a good way to make contacts with teachers who work in the city at various locations.


In addition to monthly seminars, BKC-IH Moscow runs a range of workshops which aim to help teachers improve their language awareness and knowledge of EFL methodology, and gain deeper understanding of specific teaching situations such as teaching Young Learners and Exam classes.

Every time you complete a series of workshops at BKC IH, you are presented with an BKC IH certificate.


Over the period of a year teachers can expect to receive relevant and continual support through observations. Senior educational staff observe each teacher in class on a regular basis and give valuable and constructive feedback. Peer observations are also strongly encouraged.

Accredited courses

As a member of IH World we receive teacher education materials and run accredited courses leading to recognized EFL qualifications, such as IHC YLT, IH FTBE, IH CAM, Delta.


Teachers at BKC-IH Moscow have access to a vast selection of coursebooks, supplementary materials, EFL Journals, training videos and a comprehensive library of methodology literature. Additionally, our teachers can join BKC-IH wiki pages to catch up with workshops, share ideas and discuss issues associated with classes and age groups of their interest.

With all the above going on, it is easy to forget that perhaps the most useful and accessible source of teacher support are other teachers. A great deal of development happens informally through chatting to other teachers and sharing ideas and materials.

Take full advantage of opportunities here at BKC-IH Moscow!