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BKC-International House Moscow

BKC-International House Moscow is the largest and most respected School of Foreign Languages in Russia and the CIS. As a member of the International House World Organization our school offers job opportunities to language teachers in Russia.

An English Language School with more than a decade's experience …

We opened our first English language school in the early nineties and we now have more than 30 EFL schools. Most of our language schools are located in Moscow but we also have a few schools in Zelenograd, Troitsk and Podolsk. These small towns are not as remote as you might think; in fact all of them are within 40km of the Kremlin. They have the advantage of peaceful and homelike surroundings, and while they are considered satellite schools, they are actually quite close to Moscow. Approximately 5000-6000 students attend our English language schools per academic year.

Language courses available at our schools…

While the majority of our classes are adult general English classes, our teaching sphere stretches further to incorporate other programmes too. Our schools have very very active young learner programmes, teaching English to Russian children and teenagers. We also give in-company classes, residential YL camps, exam classes (FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, IELTS, BEC), and ESP programmes. In addition, we offer Russian as a second language and language courses in , and other modern languages.

English language teachers with a difference…

As a leading English language school, BKC-IH Moscow values its teachers and is proud of their work and professionalism. We employ about 150 English language teachers from English speaking countries throughout the academic year. The majority of our EFL teachers are university graduates and all of our English teachers are required to have a special TEFL qualification, such as the Cambridge CELTA or Trinity TESOL.
We also have an experienced educational management team made up of DOSes, ADOSes and senior teachers. Having taught in language schools themselves, they are capable of providing teachers with the guidance and support needed for effective teaching.

In addition, our company offers many opportunities for promotion within the school. We encourage our teachers to grow professionally. Many of those who started at BKC-IH as language teachers some time ago have subsequently been promoted to senior positions in the school.

Interested in teaching English (or languages) in a language school?

Preference is given to EFL teachers with experience. Non-native speakers and newly qualified teachers are also welcome to apply. Our language school will provide you with the opportunity to travel and teach at the same time.

If you are interested in Russian culture and the Russian language BKC - International House Moscow is a great way to find out about the country. If you really want to immerse yourself in the Russian language and culture, you can do it better in a small town.

If you are not a native speaker (Russian or originally from other countries) but obtained internationally recognized certificate (Cambridge CELTA or Trinity TESOL) we also can consider your application for our language school.

Teaching our teachers…

We believe that learning new methods and skills are very important to our teaching staff and we aim to provide the teachers of our language schools with the means to further their knowledge and experience.

The school also has a monthly seminar programme which takes place on the third Saturday of every month. Teachers choose seminars on a variety of EFL teaching topics related to their day-to-day teaching concerns. These seminars are given by DOSes, ADOSes and teachers themselves. We also run occasional EFL workshops on demand. Furthermore, teachers are observed regularly by senior members of our teaching staff as part of our ongoing commitment to teacher development.

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