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Visa procedure

Current Visa regulations

BKC-IH complies with the Russian Migration Law by offering a working visa to prospective employees. This is the only visa offered and is provided by the school in accordance with the Federal Migration Service.

Main visa features

The working visa is a bi-annual multiple entry visa.

However, when you get your visa from the Consulate it's issued for three months only. Upon your arrival in Moscow and after receiving additional paperwork from your employer (BKC- IH Moscow) it will be extended.

This will be done by BKC-IH simultaneously with the process of your registration.

Letter of Invitation

Once we received all your information and a copy of your passport, we will apply for the official Letter of Invitation you need to apply for your visa. The Letter of Invitation is issued from the Federal Migration Service in Moscow. It is normally ready within 20-30 days after the application. When the invitation is ready the original letter will be send right to the Consulate in your country and a copy will be send to you.

Please be aware that the visa can only be valid up to the date where your national passport has 6 months remaining.

Please check the start date of the visa to avoid booking a flight before it becomes valid.

Please note that here can be delays with the application in the Federal Migration Service. The times given above should be used as guidelines only.

At the Russian consulate

To obtain the visa you should submit to the Russian consulate the following:

  • the letter of Invitation;
  • passport;
  • a photocopy of your passport;
  • 4 photos on matte paper;
  • consular fee (differs from country to country);
  • consulate's questionnaire (given at the consulate).

It is better to confirm all the visa requirements in advance with the Consulate in your own country. Requirements could vary. Some countries also require an AIDS test (HIV blood test should be taken not earlier than 3 months before applying for a visa), proof of medical insurance and a copy of your return ticket.

Please note

  • Your questionnaire should be printed out.

  • The photos should be glued or stapled to the questionnaire.

  • Before going to the consulate please check you have all the required paperwork prepared according to the instructions you will receive from the Visa Manager and your nearest Russian Consulate.

When you receive your visa from the consulate please make sure that visa has no mistakes and is filled in as the instructions indicate. Key points to check are your name, number of your passport, name of the inviting organization, length of the visa.

Visa Costs

According to the contract all the visa support is provided by BKC and the costs are covered (for those who signed a full-time contract).

Your visa costs will be reimbursed on successful completion of the contract. In case of terminating the contract earlier the consular fee and AIDS test will be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis.

At the customs

Migration Card: As of April 15, 2003, all foreign citizens staying in Russia are required to hold a Migration Card.

You will usually be given the Migration Card at passport control when they check if your passport and visa is valid. After confirming the visa and information, they will ask you to sign the card.

In some cases they can give it out on board on the way to Russia. If so, complete both parts and present it at the passport control. The border guard will put a stamp (the same as in the passport) on your Card and give you one of the parts.

ATTENTION: Do not forget to take and stamp the MIGRATION CARD every time you are crossing the border. This is a very important document. You need it for registration and also for leaving the country. Keep it safe.

Registration and Visa Extension

According to Russian Migration Laws your passport and visa have to be registered within 3 working days upon arrival. Personally contact our Visa Manager on the first working day following your arrival. If the Visa Manager is not in the office, please leave a message with one of the Recruitment staff. Visa Manager is also available at If you do not contact the office, you will be held responsible for the fines charged for the late registration.

The initial three-months single working visa will be extended in Moscow for the length of your contract. The Extended visa will become multi-entry visa. The whole process will be done simultaneously with the registration process and will take up to a month. You will be asked to sign the Russian copy of the contract, request for the visa extension, and other standard forms required. Please bring with you 2 photos passport sized, colored or black and white) or please ask Visa Manager for the assistance in getting this photo if you do not have it.

As a result you will get the visa pasted in your passport and you will be given a grey registration paper with your name, surname and stamps of our school and registration department. This is your registation that you have to show every time you are asked to produce the documents. The registration and migration card has to be given back to a visa manager with your passport (and visa) every time you want to extend their visa and you have to get new documents on entering Russia. The process of registration has to be done every time when entering and leaving Russia.

If you decide to renew the contract or extend your current contract with BKC, the visa can be extended in Moscow without going to the consulate.

During the time of your contract please inform Visa Manager about your holidays and submit the copies of the tickets of all abroad trips.

You will also be asked to sign the tax bills monthly.



Teachers take full responsibility for their passport and visa. You have to remember the expiry dates of visas and registration. The procedure of getting a new visa and passport when the originals are lost or stolen is complicated and expensive.