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BKC International House's Mission

BKC International House is one of Russia's leading foreign language institutes offering a wide range of education and training programmes.

BKC International House's Mission is to:

  • Provide a high quality educational service in Russia for our students.

  • Assist our teachers and administrators in applying the principles of communicative ELT methodology within the Russian educational context.

  • Conduct research into the effectiveness of the training materials we use and change them accordingly to design an outstanding educational program.

  • Assess our students' educational requirements through in-depth market research and adapt and create training courses to fulfill their needs.

  • Reinvest income gained from the delivery of educational services to enable us to meet the school's educational obligations and to achieve its goals.

  • Provide training opportunities for on-going teacher and administrator development, education and training in the areas of teaching, student support, and market research.

  • Provide educational support services to Greater Moscow and its surrounding communities.

  • Promote inter-cultural understanding.

  • Assist our students in achieving career goals through education and training programmes.

  • Provide assistance to our students who want to travel, work or study abroad.

  • Maintain our present position as Russia's largest ELT provider.

BKC IH Vision Statement is to:

  • Become educationally and administratively indispensable to Moscow's community of language learners.

  • Expand our educational presence in the community by extending and adapting more training programmes.

  • Maintain financial integrity/solvency.

  • Encourage and develop academic and educational activities.

  • Develop and invest in teachers and administrative personnel through existing and additional educational programmes.

  • Become an integrated multi-school company.

  • Constantly improve our educational standards.

  • Continually improve management and human resource practices, taking into account the cross-cultural nature of BKC-International House.

  • Become a major force in ELT teacher training in the Russian Federation.

BKC IH Values

What makes BKC-International House different as an educational institute? Years of experience, excellent training programmes and dynamic personnel!

Our attributes

  • Long lasting history - Over 50 years of IH worldwide; 10 years in Russia.

  • As an ELT provider, we pride ourselves in being dynamic and flexible. This allows us to deliver a quality product and to continually develop and improve the services and training we offer in Russia.

  • We realize that nothing is more important to a company's success than its personnel. For that reason we recruit only the most qualified people for our teaching and administrative staff. We also encourage further training and development for all our staff.

  • We believe strongly in creating opportunities through education and training programmes for further professional development and promotion, both for teachers and administrators.

  • Our teachers are encouraged to constantly develop and refine their teaching skills through a variety measures (e.g. seminars, workshops, observations, conferences etc.).

  • Quality control is assessed both internally (through student feedback, observations) and externally (through regular inspections from the International House World Organization).