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Why Russia? Why BKC-IH?

There are few countries in the world with as much to offer in the way of culture as Russia. Apart from the Kremlin and the Bolshoi Theatre, the famous Russian sights everyone knows about, and world-class galleries, such as the Tretyakov, Moscow has many other less well-known tourist attractions. Even if you were to visit one every weekend, you would still not have scratched the surface of Moscow's history after a nine-month stay.

You will have a chance to visit numerous historical sites in two Russian capitals Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as ancient towns of the Golden Ring of Russia. For instance, you can take a sightseeing bus tour from Moscow to Vladimir (a 900-year-old Russian city some 200 km north-east of Moscow) for as little as $15. Entrance fees to Russian museums, exhibition halls and entertainment parks are also surprisingly low.


Russian people are known for not smiling in the streets, and there may be some truth to this. However, one must remember the Russian proverb 'Only a fool smiles all the time'.
But as soon as you get to know them better, you will find them as open and friendly as any of your acquaintances at home, if not more so. When you have made a friend in Russia, you have made a friend for life! Moreover, Russians are extremely well educated and cultured people, so you will definitely find dozens of topics to discuss with your new friends - from Henry VIII to Van Gogh.

Russian Language

Russian is a complex and rich language. If you are interested in learning Russian as a second or Foreign language, there is no better way to do it than in Russia itself. We offer our teachers to learn Russian with one of our Russian language courses at half the regular price in our international language school. In addition, you will get to practice all the language that you have learned with native Russian speakers.

Сost of living in Russia

Although salaries paid to language teachers in Eastern Europe and Russia as well cannot be considered high, keep in mind that the cost of living in Russia is significantly lower than in Western countries. Add to that free accommodation, airfare reimbursement, health cover and other benefits provided by BKC-IH as part of your teaching contract, and you will see that working here in Russia will enable you to live quite comfortably on the provided salary.

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BKC-International House - A language school with more than a decade's experience in international employment and job vacancies in Moscow and Russia

Established in 1990, BKC-International House has since grown into the largest language school in Moscow, in Russia and Eastern Europe. It is a well-organized and efficient company supporting a professional and successful language school. Over the last fourteen years we've been improving all the services aimed at providing our language students with quality language courses as well as our international teachers with excellent opportunities for professional development.

International House affiliate

As a member of the International House World Organisation since 1996, BKC-IH Moscow has ensured that the provision of teaching and related educational services is in accordance with the International House Quality Srandards. BKC-International House is committed to implementing high standards of quality and innovation in education and training.


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