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International Exams Preparation Centre

International Exams Preparation Centre ВКС-ih is a unique project aimed at providing an effective language preparation for everybody who is planning to enroll in universities and work in Russia or abroad. The programmes of the centre help students to develop and improve their academic knowledge and skills needed for entering a university and successful studying.


Maria Molashenkomm

BA in English Teaching, CELTA, DELTA
International Exams Centre ADOS, CELTA Trainer

I was born in Moscow and have been working here as a teacher, ADOS and CELTA trainer for over 10 years. After graduating from Moscow City Pedagogical University I worked as a secondary school teacher for Gazprom Educational Centre. I felt I was ready for more, so I did my CELTA in  2009 at BKC-IH and have stayed to grow, develop and enjoy all the beauty of my teaching career and the variety BKC has to offer.
Since 2009 I’ve taught practically all ages and types of classes from 6-year-olds to advanced business executives. At some point I switched to intensive courses which I still find most enjoyable and then to exam preparation classes, IELTS being my favourite.
Then I completed DELTA, the second module of which I did at BKC. This was a truly productive and unforgettable time thanks to our dream team of trainers and trainees. I’ve always been keen on teacher training and now, thanks to BKC, I am a CELTA trainer running CELTA courses regularly and enjoying every bit of it!
I’m also an ADOS for our buzzing International Exams Preparation Centre, so my Moscow BKC life is full of challenge, interesting projects and amazing people. I'm trully happy to be part of BKC team.

Official IELTS Test Centre

Being an official IELTS Test centre in Moscow and in central Russia ВКС IELTS Centre is part of International Exams Preparation Centre. IELTS Test (International English Language Testing System) is an international standardised test for those who wish to live, study or work abroad. Today IELTS is accepted by over 6,000 various organisations which include academic institutions, professional organisations and immigration authorities. IELTS a requirement of professional organisations and universities in Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand.

Unique Modern Programmes

International Exams Preparation Centre ВКС-ih has created various programmes aiming to boost our students’ academic language and skills:

  • English for Academic Purposes
  • English for Academic Purposes + Critical Thinking
  • English for Academic Purposes + IELTS preparation

Our programmes provide a solid preparation for enrolling and studying in universities. During the classes students work on such academic and language skills as giving presentations, research, critical thinking, writing academic texts, working in teams.



Teaching the IEPC programmes means being immersed in a professional, international academic environment. Entry-tests keep the quality of students high, making for a highly challenging and rewarding experience.
Part of the objective is to introduce students to university life, so the method of teaching is similar to university, including lectures followed by tutorials. Teaching methods are flexible, as long as it covers the syllabus, so materials and different styles are welcome as long as they are approved by the Academic Director, who will also provide teacher support.