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CELTA course FAQ's

Is there an exam at the end of CELTA?

No. Assessment by the tutors is continuous, and you will be graded on your teaching practice, your written assignments and professional development. You will be given feedback after every lesson and there will be at least one progress tutorial during the course. Self-awareness and the ability to reflect on your teaching are important considerations. The CELTA course is also externally assessed by an assessor appointed by Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Is the CELTA course only for native speakers of English?

No. However, you must have a high level of English, awareness of language and competence in written and spoken English that enables you to follow the CELTA course. This competency requirement also applies to native speakers.

Is there an age limit for CELTA applications?

No, but you must be over 20 years old by the end of the course.

Will the CELTA help me in making teaching my career?

Yes. Most schools recognise the CELTA as the minimum specialist qualification for teachers of English as a foreign language.

Do I need a University degree to apply for the CELTA course?

No, but most CELTA trainees have a tertiary qualification. The minimum requirement is a qualification that will allow you to enter Higher Education in your own country.

What do I need to know about grammar?

You need to have a good understanding of the structure of the English Language and how it functions as a means of communication. In order to gain entry to the course you will need to demonstrate some familiarity with English grammar and pronunciation, and by the end of the CELTA course you should be able to identify aspects of form and meaning in the tense system of English.

Do I need to speak a foreign language?

No, but it will certainly help if you have had some experience in learning a second language and analysing its grammatical structure.

How can I teach without using the learners' native language?

You need to give clear demonstrations, use simple language in your instructions, clear explanations, and use visual aids and gestures where necessary. With low level learners you need to ensure your language is graded to their level, while still remaining natural.

Is personality important?

Everyone has a different teaching style. What is important on the course is being able to co-operate with and listen to other people, accept criticism, be flexible and be considerate to your fellow trainees.

Is the CELTA course stressful?

Yes. You will often be in stressful situations, since your lessons will be observed by your tutors and other trainees. You have to be able to meet deadlines in lesson preparation and written assignments. It helps to be organised and to be able to manage your time well.

Will I enjoy the CELTA course?

The CELTA course is hard work, at times confronting, and often a transforming experience. You will learn a lot about yourself and about other people, and find yourself constantly challenged. The vast majority of trainees find the course immensely rewarding and worthwhile!

Can I apply for a teaching position with BKC after finishing a CELTA course?

Yes, we always welcome applications from successful trainees. The principal time for contracts to start is at the beginning of the academic year in September/October.