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ВКС-IH Moscow provides the shared accommodation. The flat consists of two separate rooms.

However, you do have the option to find your own accommodation. In this case the school will pay you an allowance. For teachers in flats provided by BKC, the school will meet the costs of all utilities except calls made to mobiles or outside of Moscow.

Flats are usually within ten minutes walk from metro station, and total journey time from home to place of work can be from twenty minutes to one hour. Teachers generally have classes in more than one location. But we try to accommodate teachers nearer to the location where they have the majority of classes.

As the school provides the shared accommodation we try our best to find compatible flat-mates. That's why we ask you to specify your preferences e.g. smoker / non-smoker. However we do also bear in mind the distance from the school you will most likely be teaching at.

BKC can arrange a standard Internet account for use in your flat, as long as you share with accommodation manager the necessary data to make an agreement with the local provider; alternatively, you may make your own arrangements for an Internet connection without assistance from BKC. A typical price is 500 RUR per month.