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Our teachers

Who are they?

Each of our teachers at BKC is different, but all are educated, qualified, and have a desire to experience life in Russia. Among them are newly minted teachers alongside seasoned veterans from almost all over the World!  Many have been with us for several years, while others simply treat it as a “gap year”. Some of them show up with not much more than their backpacks, others come with their household goods! BKC has a high rate of return teachers.

What qualifications do they have?

Our teachers usually hold a university degree in some sphere. This could be in humanitarian studies, physical sciences, law, etc. The important thing is that they have a level of linguistic competence required to complete higher education, and have a requisite store of general knowledge necessary to be a credible teacher.

However, BKC also requires a qualification in ESL. The basic certifications are the Cambridge CELTA and Trinity TESOL, and all of our teachers will have one of these. Many of them hold higher qualifications as well, such as the Cambridge DELTA, and even an MA or PhD in TESOL.

Why do teachers come to BKC Moscow?

They come because they have an interest in Russian language and culture, or simply want to experience what life is like in one of the biggest, most vibrant cities in the world. Additionally, BKC Moscow is renowned as a centre for professional development, offering courses such as CELTA and DELTA, IH Certificate for teaching Young Learners, etc.


Ongoing support and professional development is provided by our Educational Management Team of Director and Assistant Directors of Studies.

Our teachers say:

Liz Bearman

When I first came to BKC, I had already been teaching English for around 20 years. With a degree in Applied Linguistics, a love of travelling and a strong interest in language learning, a career in ELT was inevitable. 5 years after I first walked into a classroom in Cairo with little idea of what to do next, but an ability to think on my feet, I didn't know where I was heading next, but I knew that I loved teaching English, so it was time to do CELTA.

A series of jobs in various small language schools followed. My one experience of working for a large organisation (in South Korea) was not a positive one.

Thus, in 2003, when I applied to BKC-IH (attracted by the location and the name of IH) I was somewhat sceptical of working once again for a large company. The fact that I am still here in 2015 speaks volumes. (especially as I only originally intended to stay for a year!)



Maria Taymour

BKC IH Moscow Maria TaymourBKC-IH Moscow’s outstanding Teacher Training centre encouraged me to apply to CELTA several years ago and since then I’ve been working for the company. I’m certain my professional skills have advanced in many important ways – currently I teach almost all ages and levels, take part in varied seminars and workshops, study abroad at other IH schools in summer. Here there is always something new to experience, the teaching standards are maintained well while the staff is fully supported. It’s a great institution which lets you develop professionally, and if today I were looking for an extraordinary place to work in Moscow, I’d choose BKC-IH again without a second thought.


Tatiana Buyanova

Tatiana BuyanovaI've been learning English since primary school. At those times there were hardly any opportunities to practise so , as you can guess, participating in Soviet-American conference "Children of the 21st Century" was really a chance of a lifetime. This resulted in my falling in love with the language and taking up interpreting to musicians and scientists as a hobby.

It was  the brilliant teachers at Moscow State Pedagogical University who had the major impact on my professional development. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic, they inspired me to always create the same friendly atmosphere  we used to have at the lessons.

I  also find it the only guarantee of my students' success because only the things you really enjoy doing can produce the best results. So my main priority is  not only to encourage students but to  make them relax after the hard working day and enjoy the tiring process of learning. It's such a rewarding moment to know your students have passed  Russian State Exam with 98 out of 100 or  Elementary  ones have managed to survive abroad!

I'm proud to be one of BKC-IH team as our school has brought together  experienced and passionate teachers. Nothing can compare with working with them as well as wonderful administration!




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