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Teaching Adults

So, what courses does BKC-IH offer for adults?

Types of class 

At BKC we have a wide range of classes, including general and business English, both in school and in company. Our students will be from 17 to 70 and come from many walks of life, studying for many reasons, both for professional and personal development.

Class sizes

Adult classes come in all shapes and sizes. As far as numbers are concerned, the average group size is between six and ten students, though some groups may have twelve or even fourteen students, and some may have as few as two or three. We also have an increasing number of individual students at our various locations around the city, including on the premises of our executive clients.


Not surprisingly, given the range and variety of students, the levels that we teach at BKC include all levels from beginners to post-advanced and are aligned to standard levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In addition to the standard course programmes, we also offer intensive and super-intensive study programmes, as well as conversation courses and even a drama course.

Course books and other resources

Our standard course books include English File, New Cutting Edge, Keynote, Empower and Face to Face for general English groups, with New Market Leader and Business Result for the business English programmes. However, we also maintain a large library of additional resources for our teachers to use as and when needed, including other course books as well as a wide range of teachers’ resource books.