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Teacher Training

General Info

IH Worldwide Network of Teacher Training
BKC-IH Moscow Teacher Training Centre
BKC Teacher Training courses
BKC Teacher Training resources
IN –House Professional Development Programmes at BKC-IH
Job Opportunities for successful trainees
Ideal Location

IH Worldwide Network Teacher Training


The International House Worldwide Organisation (IH) is the oldest and largest independent network of language schools in the world, with 150 affiliate schools operating in 50 countries, and it teaches over one hundred thousand students annually.

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  • IH has been a pioneer in English language teacher training since 1962.

  • IH’s methodology and training programmes have become the foundation of today’s Cambridge CELTA course, the most widely recognised TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate throughout the world.

  • IH trains 3,000 trainee-teachers every year on the Cambridge CELTA & Delta schemes and thousands more through customised accredited IH programmes undertaken in every corner of the globe.

  • IH has its own proven English teacher training courses such as the IHC (The International House Certificate in teaching English to Adults) and the IHCYLT (The International House Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers). They are all widely recognized throughout the world.

  • IH also offers its own approved training programmes and certificates for teaching Modern Languages (Spanish, Italian, French, and German).

BKC-IH Moscow Teacher Training Centre


The BKC-IH Moscow Teacher Training Centre was set up in 1996, when the first IHC course was run. In 1997 the Centre gained approval from Cambridge ESOL to provide Cambridge courses and became one of about 200 Cambridge Teacher Training Centres with the registration number RU006.

Since then we have been regularly offering

Cambridge ESOL teacher training courses:

IH teacher training courses:

  • IHCYLT (IH Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers)

  • IH FTEB (IH Foundation Course in Teaching English for Business)

  • IH CAM (International House Certificate in Advanced Methodology)

We also offer specialized in-house training courses and seminars for teachers of Modern Languages, Business English, and ADOSes/DOSes

For a number of years we've been training Trainers for CELTA and IHC YL courses on behalf of Cambridge and IH.

We run an in-house training programme BKC Refresher course in TEFL designed for Russian teachers of English.

On all these programmes BKC-IH Moscow Teacher Training Centre has trained over 700 teachers of English since 1996.


BKC Teacher Training resources


The centre has excellent resources: audio-visual aids and facilities, including training and coursebook videos, and a comprehensive library of methodology literature recommended by Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) for Teacher Training Centres.

Furthermore, trainees have access to the vast selection of coursebooks, supplementary materials, EFL Journals and reference texts available to teaching staff at BKC-IH.


In–House Professional Development Programmes at BKC-IH


The BKC–IH Teacher Training Centre pays particular attention in providing support for its teaching staff. BKC TT and senior staff design annual development programmes for teachers of English and other foreign languages covering all professional areas.

There are monthly development seminars on a variety of topics. Each newly qualified teacher is assigned a mentor to provide guidance and support. Senior educational staff observe each teacher in class on a regular basis and give valuable and constructive feedback.


Job Opportunities for successful trainees


Cambridge CELTA graduates can be confident that employers worldwide consider this qualification as a premium TESOL qualification. Traditionally CELTA graduates can apply for a teaching position in practically any country with any school. Certificate holders with higher grades have a better chance to choose an established school and be offered favorable terms and conditions.

BKC-IH Moscow is very interested in successful graduates. We traditionally employ newly qualified staff in our schools in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

There is a number of schools in Moscow employing TEFL qualified teachers, they advertise teaching positions on the Internet and in the media. There is a growing interest and need for TEFL teachers in Russia as a whole. During recent years many of our graduates have chosen to live and work in Siberia.

IH schools actively seek teachers from within the IH worldwide network. As a member of the teaching staff of IH Moscow you have access to these positions.

Nowadays in Moscow, you have easy and convenient access to Internet facilities and can search websites dedicated to TEFL and apply for jobs on-line.

Many current, as well as former, BKC-IH teachers have become qualified with the help of our Teacher Training Centre. The school offers job placement to its successful trainees.

Moreover since 55 % of BKC-IH students are younger than 16 years old and with an ever-increasing demand for qualified teachers of English to YL in Russia, as well as around the world, the BKC-IH Teacher Training Centre has started running the IH course for teaching Young Learners — IHCYL. Completing the course gives EFL teachers not only additional skills and qualifications to teach English to Young Learners anywhere in the world but it gives also an additional chance to be accepted as a full-time teacher of English to Young Learners. In addition BKC-IH offers a full-time YL Teacher’s contract as well as the more general teaching contract.


Ideal Location


Training courses are conducted at the central school of BKC-IH Moscow, only a few minutes walk from Red Square, the Kremlin and the Bolshoi Theatre. The Centre is in the midst of a multitude of libraries, museums, galleries and also shops, bars and restaurants and is adjacent to the charming leafy boulevard of Moscow's garden ring. The local metro stations Okhotny Rayd, Teatralnaya and Ploshad Revolutsii offer quick and easy access to all parts of the city.

Moscow is a dynamic city, and it is becoming more and more attractive for foreigners wishing to visit or work as changes occur in the Russian political and economical life.







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