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Some people will tell you that crime permeates Moscow and that daily life is a struggle between gangsters and corrupt police with no regard for anyone else. This may have been a half truth in the 90s but Moscow is, for the most part, very ordinary. Like any large city it has its problems but if you use common sense and don’t behave unreasonably you’ll get on fine here.

The roads in Moscow are very wide, even in suburban areas; wide roads means lots of cars and plenty of different driving styles! The traffic in Moscow is a frustration to its drivers so be sure to use crossings wisely and stick to crossings instead of chancing it when it appears to be quiet.

As for public transport, there’s lots of it and as such you might get the odd shady character. Just try to be aware of your surroundings and avoid taking out anything that can be easily acquired by fingersmiths. The Moscow Metro is open until about 1 in the morning (with transfer routes being closed about 12.30) which is a problem for anyone wanting to stay out for longer than this (plenty of venues stay open until 6 the next day). Licensed taxi firms are on the increase in Moscow but, people more commonly take unlicensed taxis. If you opt to do this, ensure you agree on the price beforehand and travel with at least another person.